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Miracle Numb was founded by tattoo artists who have been tattooing for more than 20 years and have always looked for a solution for their customers due to the pain and discomfort tattoos can cause.

After trying several topical ointments with no luck, they finally found a safe product that has the perfect mixture of legal ingredients that make getting a tattoo painless and enjoyable.

After sourcing the product to South Korea, we began by testing it on ourselves, several of our friends, as well as several tattoo artists who offered the product to their customers and got rave reviews.

Now we are offering our product to everyone who wants to enjoy the finished tattoo product without the pain. We have also tested the product on several other procedures such as laser treatment, painful injection, microblading, and scalp micropigmentation.

It can be used safely on any procedure you may run across that may cause you pain.

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